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We've worked with some reputable suppliers to bring you a select range of excellent coffee related products. We continue to use all these products ourselves and we can vouch for their ability to perform as intended. The range we stock includes our favourite brewing devices along with useful spare parts and accessories to keep everything working reliably.

Moccamaster Automatic Filter Brewer
The Moccamaster from Techni Vorm in The Netherlands seemingly does the impossible, it offers the convenience of automatic drip filter brewing with incredible cup quality. It is perfect for the home, boardroom, office or busy specialty coffee cafe. The cup it produces is both rich and balanced, being particulary good at enhancing any sweet flavours present in the coffee. continue reading

Aeropress Coffee Brewer - $49.00
The revolutionary Aeropress transportable personal coffee brewer from Aerobie. It uses a rubber plunger to build pressure for extra richness and paper filter to ensure a clean cup. continue reading

Bonavita V-Style Drip Filter 2 Cup - $29.00
The ultimate artisan method of home coffee making; for the coffee connoisseur. The Bonavita V-style 2 cup drip filter is designed for pour over brewing. It's really well made, a joy to use and super quick to clean up. Just remove the coffee and filter together, then rinse and dry. continue reading

Bialetti Moka Express - from $29.00
The Bialetti Moka Express is the original and the best stove top brewer. Since 1933 it has captivated coffee drinkers and today it remains an icon of the coffee world. Developed by Bialetti after observing a steam powered boiler washing machine, it is at once both simple and elegant. Available here in 1, 2 and 3 cup sizes for the contemporary coffee enthusiast to enjoy the old world romance and make a great brew at the same time. continue reading

Porlex 'mini' Hand Coffee Grinder - $65.00
The Porlex ‘mini’ hand operated coffee grinder is the only hand grinder you will ever need and if you don't have an espresso machine it is the only grinder you will ever need - full stop! It has clean clean lines and robust construction and fits inside an Aeropress for travel. continue reading

High Quality Digital Coffee Pocket Scales - $35.00
Scales are the most important coffee tool you can ever have to optimise the extraction and flavour of all your favourite brew methods. These are high quality digital pocket scales from a reputable manufacturer that will become the favorite tool in the kitchen, not just for coffee. We've used ours since 2007! continue reading

Bonavita Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle - from $49.00
The perfect partner to the pour over filter. The gooseneck spout gives even and accurate water flow that allows better pour control for even wetting of the coffee grounds for better extraction and flavour. There are two models available; the Non-Electric, for flame or cooktop use and the Electric (240V) model which is self powered for added convenience. continue reading

Aeropress Spare Parts - from $10.00
We stock the full range of genuine Aerobie Aeropress spare parts so that you can keep your Aeropress working properly at a reasonable price. continue reading

Genuine Aeropress Paper Filters - $6.00
The cup quality achieved by paper filters is unrivalled. These genuine filters are well priced and at one per day they will last you all year. continue reading

Able Disk 'Fine' - $17.00
The Able Disk is a reuseable stainless steel filter for the Aeropress coffee maker. If you're going to have a metal filter then Able Disk 'Fine' is the one to have. continue reading

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