EL SALVADOR - Finca Himalaya - Washed

EL SALVADOR - Finca Himalaya - Washed
Tasting Notes

Aromas and flavours of honey and cocoa. Juicy acidity and an incredibly long sweet finish.


Country : El Salvador
 Vintage : 2014
Region : Apaneca
 Altitude : 1350-1450 m
Farm : Finca Himalaya  Varietal : Bourbon
Farmer : Mauricio Salaverria
 Processing : Washed


Coffee from this farm was available in three different processing methods this year, Natural (Dry), Pulped Natural and Washed. These have a significant influence on the flavours in the cup, with the various natural methods being less controlled and inviting some potential for fruity and wild ferment/enzymatic flavours. However, this particular washed lot is another great example of classic bourbon characteristics from El Salvador. The washed process provides for a clean and focused flavour, derived from the intrinsic qualities of the coffee bean itself.

Finca Himalaya is located in Apaneca at around 1500m and planted primarily with Bourbon. The coffee was processed at the El Divisadero mill owned by Mauricio Salaverria which is located in Ataco and then dried on raised African beds which aided in a more even drying process using both sun and air. This coffee was hulled at the beneficio at El Manzano.

Mauricio has been involved in coffee all his life thanks to his parents and grandparents who were all devoted specialty growers from Western El Salvador. Mauricio now manages five small farms.

The national crop was down 75% this year (due to Roya – leaf rust) so we are extremely lucky to have this coffee.

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