COSTA RICA - Herbazu Estate

COSTA RICA - Herbazu Estate
Tasting Notes

Very clean and well balanced with citric acid and sugary sweetness. Notes of red berries, honey and golden syrup.


Country : Costa Rica
 Vintage : 2014
Region : Naranjo, West Valley
 Altitude : 1500 m
Farm : Herbazu Estate
 Varietal : Villa Sarchi
Farmer : Hermanos Barrantes Zuniga
 Processing : Washed


Herbazu is a well known farm in the West Valley region, Naranjo Zarcero area. The Barrantes family  grows the Villa Sarchi varietal - a short statured mutation of Bourbon discovered right there in the West Valley town of Sarchi.

Herbazu Estate is made up of 13 farms, each an average of 2.5 hectares. Each of the farms belongs to the offspring of Don Barrantes. The 5 men and 8 women running the farms are fourth generation farmers and between them work on all areas of the farm, from planting to pruning, to milling and drying. The cherries are pulped right after they are harvested and the parchment is sundried on patios.

Cafetelera Herbazu and the Barrantes family are considered the pioneers of the micro mill revolution in the West Valley region of Costa Rica. Consistently winning Cup of Excellence awards, taking out the 2008 and 2009 events.

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