COLOMBIA - La Esperanza

COLOMBIA - La Esperanza

Tasting Notes

Buttery mouth feel and good acidity. Hazelnut and milk chocolate flavors with an elegant sweet, long finish.


Country : Colombia
 Vintage : 2014
Region : Pitalito, Huila 
 Altitude : 1700 m
Farm : La Esperanza
 Varietal :Caturra, Col. F6, San Bernardo
Farmer : Carlos Ramon
 Processing : Washed


Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s.

Colombia has a wonderful, stable climate (due to large volcanic mountains) which allows it to produce great coffee all year around. Colombia is one of the biggest coffee producing countries in the world, along with Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Colombian Coffee Federation has done a commendable job in promoting the specialty coffees of Colombia. Colombian coffee beans are rich in flavour; heavy bodied, have a bright acidity and are intensely aromatic.

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