RWANDA - Inzovu Cooperative

RWANDA - Inzovu Cooperative
Tasting Notes

Delicate citrus and floral aromas, with notes of jasmine. Bright citrus acidity with substantial body and rich flavours of currants and berries followed by a sweet vanilla finish.


Country : Rwanda
 Vintage : 2013
Region : Ruisizi District
 Altitude : 1200-1800 m
Farm : Nyakabuye
 Varietal : Bourbon
Farmer : Inzovu Cooperative
 Processing : Fully Washed


Inzovu is 30 member cooperative. The cooperative calls themselves the 'Urengerekawa' or in English 'Let Us Protect Coffee' and is situated in Nyakabuye of the Ruisizi District in the South West of Rwanda. Sitting between 1200-1800m above sea level, Nyakabuye is a place destined for yielding high quality coffee since it has a cool climate without frost along with consistent rainfall.

Within the Urengerekawa all the profit, land and labour are shared equally among its members. Taking care of 200 to 4000 coffee trees each, the people of Urengerekawa are passionate about coffee and take pride in the important role coffee has in maintaining Rwanda’s economic stability. Although it was only founded in 2007, they had built their own washing station by 2009. Here the coffee is fully washed and sun dried on raised African beds. The coffee is now exported globally by the RWC (Rwandan Trading Co.).

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