COSTA RICA - Granitos de Ortiz

COSTA RICA - Granitos de Ortiz
Tasting Notes

Buttery, creamy mouthfeel, smooth toffee and a golden syrup finish.


Country : Costa Rica
 Vintage : 2014
Region : Tarrazu
 Altitude : 1900 m
Farm : Granitos de Ortiz
 Varietal : Catuai
Farmer : Omar Calderon
 Processing : Yellow Honey


Omar, his Wife and their four Daughters run Granitos de Ortiz which is beautifully located in Tarrazu. They manage 5 different farms throughout the valley at various altitudes. The 2000 Ortiz (2000 m), the 1900 Ortiz (1900 m), La Granadilla (1800 m), La Casa (1750 m) and the Nery (1700 m).

They mostly have Catuai and Caturra Varieties. But they also have some micro lots of Typica and nano lots of Geisha.

The family won the cup of excellence in 2011.

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