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A deep, clean and sweet Kenyan with beautiful balance and aroma. Surely one of the best examples I have ever tasted of the intrinsic sweetness in specialty coffee.


Country : Kenya
 Vintage : 2014
Region : Kiambu
 Altitude : 1732 m
Farm : Yara Estate
 Varietal : Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
Farmer :Gatatha Co-op  Processing : Washed


The farm is located in Kiambu District about 23 km North of Nairobi bordering Cianda and Windrush estates to the east (the latter being a partner enterprise). A well developed agricultural farm, part of an extensive belt of large scale coffee and tea estates in Kiambu District, generally known as Yara Estate. A British settler to the area, Edward, established the farm in 1902 for cattle with the first coffee being planted in 1930. It was then run by settlers of different families until 1971 when Gatatha Farmers Co. Ltd was formed by local residents, taking over the estate. The farm is devoted to coffee and tea growing with some additional subsistence farming of dairy cattle.

Area under coffee: The coffee plantation occupies most of the higher grounds of the farm, leaving the lower areas for tea growing or natural grazing bordering the river banks.

Varietals of coffee grown: 472.8 acres of SL28, SL34, French mission varieties, 5.0 acres under Ruiru II while 49.2 acres of SL34 is being grafted to Ruiru II variety.

Climate: Mean rainfall in this area is in the range of 988mm to 1300mm, and is highest during the month of April and lowest in July.

Soil type: The soil is a deep well drained rich red loam.

Bean size: Medium beans with about 60% AB and 20% AA per average lot.

Harvest time: April - June (early crop) October - December (main season).

Shade trees: Gravellier and other indigenous trees. There are forests on the lower areas of the property planted with indigenous trees and Eucalyptus trees.

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