Nicaragua - Finca Santa Rosa

Nicaragua - Finca Santa Rosa

Tasting Notes

Sweet milk chocolate fragrance with floral hints. Big creamy body with a good acid structure to provide balance.  


Country : Nicaragua  Vintage : 2015
Region : Matagalpa
 Altitude : 1225 m
Farm : Finca Santa Rosa
 Varietal : Caturra
Farmer : Rosa Alcala Solayas
 Processing : Washed


Rosa Alcala Solayas learned to cultivate coffee from her husband, Edis Torres. Seven years ago, she started cultivating what has become a lush plot of her own. She is one of several female producers in Las Nubes Cooperative, which is organized and controlled by women. Gold Mountain helped her achieve the highest price she has ever received for her coffee through the direct trade model, and the quality of her Caturra is now surging. She says that with improved prices, she will continue to plant, fertilize, and produce more excellent quality Caturra.

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