COLOMBIA - Asobombo

COLOMBIA - Asobombo

Tasting Notes

Aromas of orange, cherry and hazelnut. Heavy body, buttery; with flavours of molasses, malted rye, chocolate and cola. Significant malic acidity reminiscent of apple and pear which provides a long sweet and incredibly clean finish.


Country : Colombia
 Vintage : 2016
Region : Pitalito, Huila 
 Altitude : 1700 m
Farm : Asobombo co-op  Varietal :Caturra, Colombia
Farmer : 50 smallholders
 Processing : Washed


Colombia ‘Asobombo’ is from the eponymous cooperative near the famous town of Pitalito in the Huila region. The pinnacle of fine coffee in Colombia. A field blend of two excellent cultivars (Caturra & Colombia) grown at 1,700m above sea level where the slow ripening improves complexity and sweetness. After picking the cherries when perfectly ripe, the beans were pulped and fully washed to highlight the characters intrinsic to the beans at the time of harvest. The cooperative consists of about 50 smallholder farmers, tending about 3 hectares each. 

Asobombo is a young association founded by experienced producers in the municipality of Pitalito, located in Huila’s Southwest. The organization was formed by 50 like-minded coffee producers who banded together in order to attain—as a group—what most of them had tried but failed to accomplish independently for a very long time: economic sustainability through long-term specialty programs.

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