EL SALVADOR - El Capulin

EL SALVADOR - El Capulin

Tasting Notes

Apricot and orange acidity. Caramel, butterscotch and toffee sweetness. Lingering maple syrup and white chocolate finish.


Country : El Salvador  Vintage : 2013
Region : Cerro Verde  Altitude : 1594m
Farm : Los Bellotos  Varietal : 100% Bourbon
Farmer : Ruperto Bernardino Merche  Processing : Fully Washed


El Capulin, named after the tree pictured, is a small 20 bag micro lot from the Los Bellotos farm. Los Bellotos was acquired by the Pacas family in 2012 from it's previous owners, the Polanco family. The Pacas family chose the farm specifically for it's coffee quality; it had been fully planted out with Bourbon variety trees and they saw potential to develop the farms's produce even further. The entire Los Bellotos farm is 33.6 hectares in size, with an average elevation is 1,525 metres above sea level. This particular lot of coffee was grown at 1594 metres above sea level.

Since acquiring Los Bellotos the Pacas family have invested a lot of time, money and effort into improving the farms conditions focusing on soil conservation practices like planting new flora and barriers for preventing erosion.

The Pacas family also plan to plant 10,000 new coffee trees and 400 new shade trees. They are also conducting shade pruning to give controlled sunlight and air.

The farm management practice the 'agobio' or 'parras' system of coffee farming whereby the branches of the trees are bent in order to provoke new growth. This prevents the root system of the trees to be damaged (as opposed to other stumping methods) and promotes more efficient nutrient capturing. The 'agobio' or 'parras' method of coffee farming requires more space between the coffee trees and therefore this allows for less competition for nutrients amongst the trees and a less intense and more sustainable farming practice.

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