KENYA - Gukuyuini PB

KENYA - Gukuyuini PB

News - 
Awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Australian International Coffee Awards

Tasting Notes

Juicy body, tropical fruit acidity. Delicate floral aromas. Strawberry, toffee, paw paw, dry spice. Long rounded finish.


Country : Kenya  Vintage : 2012
Region : Kirinyaga East District  Altitude : 1500-1800 m
Farm : Gakuyu-ini wet mill
 Varietal : SL28, SL34
Farmer : Thirikwa Co-op.  Processing : Washed


Gakayu-ini is part of the Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society. The coffee factory is situated in Kirinyaga East District, on the Southern slopes of the famous Mt Kenya. The farmers in Thirikwa planted their first coffee trees in 1953. The Cooperative has only 1 wet mill and its name is Gakuyu-ini. The Coop is currently producing 784,496kg of Cherry and is aiming to increase its production to over 2,000,000kg of coffee.

Kirinyaga is a district located within Kenya’s Central Province, a key area for Kenya’s large coffee industry. The district lies close to Mt. Kenya, and encompasses high elevations of between around 1600-1700 metres above sea level, ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee.

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