BRAZIL - Brauna

BRAZIL - Brauna

Tasting Notes

Sweet red berry and nut aromas. Generous body with flavours of almond and walnut. Long caramel finish.


Country : Brazil  Vintage : 2013
Region : Matas de Minas
 Altitude : 840-1140 m
Farm : Fazenda Brauna
 Varietal : Catuai
Farmer : Afonso de Mattos
 Processing : Pulped Natural


The Mattos Family begun growing Brauna coffee almost a century ago when Mr. Jorge Caetano de Mattos purchased the family farm in the 1920s. The farm is located in one of the most beautiful regions in Brazil in the mountainous Matas de Minas region, and sits at 840 to 1140 metres above sea level.

Fazenda Brauna solely produces micro lots. Certified by UTZ and Certificaminas Café, the Brauna farm works to maintain their social and environmental sustainability. Working with an agronomist the Mattos family develop environmentally friendly farm management techniques. These efforts include the planting of rust (roya) resistant varieties of coffee trees to lessen the use of agricultural chemicals on the crop. Another endeavour includes the salvaging of the coffee husks to make organic fertiliser for the following year's crop.

The harvest at Fazenda Brauna usually occurs between the months of May and September, and many workers are hired at this time to bring in the harvest. The farm has been the recipient of many quality awards, including 1st place in the State of Minas Gerais Tournament conducted by the State Government.

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