KENYA - Asali AA

KENYA - Asali AA
Tasting Notes

Beautiful cocoa and blackcurrant fragrance. Strong cocoa flavour with some subtle winey and fruity characters present upon cooling, followed by a vanilla and caramel finish.


Country : Kenya
 Vintage : 2013
Region : Thika
 Altitude : 1675 m
Farm : Aberdare Ranges  Varietal : SL28, SL34
Farmer : Asali Cooperative
 Processing : Fully Washed


Kenya is the benchmark for high quality African coffee. There are many reasons for this but primarily it is the favourable climate and geography, fine flavoured varietals and good processing technique. The prevailing weather conditions in East Africa along with high altitude from the mountainous terrain offer great growing conditions. At high altitude the two endemic varietals SL28 and SL34, selected from 'French Mission' and Bourbon respectively, are grown mostly by smallholder farmers and produce exceptional cup quality with high natural fruit acidity, especially malic acid (which gives green apple its bite). The local custom of long (multi-day) wet fermentation is also believed to contribute significantly to enhancing the natural fruit derived flavours and clean cup profile in fine Kenyan coffee.

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