Ethical and Environmental Stewardship

What purpose drives The Beansmith?

"Since I was about 10 years old I have always viewed the environmental sustainability of our first-world lifestyle with extreme scepticism and I really thought I could come up with a business to deliver the best coffee for the customer with no environmental or ethical/social externalities - and to do this with genuine integrity. I wanted to source high quality coffee with an ethical supply chain, roast it using my deep understanding of the process and make the business an exemplar of sustainable practices. I don't think it is perfect on every metric but I'm comfortable that everything is done with the best of intentions and I've stayed true to these core ideals." - Anthony Loberto, Founder and Director

How we live out that purpose...

As a small business, we don't have the luxury of or the desire for third party certifications so we just try to tread lightly in everything we do and do the right thing by all the people up and down the supply chain. Here are some examples.

Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships are a major focus. We only work with two coffee merchants to source the green coffee and under that umbrella The Beansmith has sought to buy coffee from the same producers each year. Once we find good coffee where the producer is paid fairly, then, where circumstances allow, we deepen our relationship by sticking with that producer year after year to add as much stability as we can to the demand side of that supply chain.

We adopted compostable packaging as soon as it was available back around 2010 and have never deviated from that commitment.

The roastery does not send any organic waste to landfill. Everything is composted and used on our vegie garden at home.

The Beansmith founded the Cygnet Feast in 2018 to work with like-minded food and beverage producers and raise money for local community projects. In 2023 we gladly handed the reigns of the feast over to a new not-for-profit so that it can shine once again.

We regularly donate to local and national charities  with in-kind and financial donations and we're passionate supporters of other local businesses in Southern Tasmania.

Close up picture of two Beansmith coffee bags. One on its side with coffee spilling out.