Coffee Training Voucher
Coffee Training Voucher

Coffee Training Voucher

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Gain the knowledge to truly enjoy your coffee journey with confidence



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Gain the knowledge to truly enjoy your coffee journey with confidence

The Beansmith was started to close the loop on providing excellent roasted coffee along with the knowledge to get the most enjoyment from it. Finally, we have a beautiful and fully-equipped venue to bring this to fruition in our coffee bar within the roastery in Cygnet, Tasmania. Our coffee training or "barista training" focuses on making the fundamental parameters important to each coffee brewing process easy to understand, enjoyable and repeatable. This will empower you to truly enjoy your coffee journey with confidence and make the best of every situation, no matter how bad the facilities in your hotel may be...

Standard Course Offerings:

- Make better coffee at home (5 ways) - get all the important tips and rock-solid recipes for:

     Punger | Moka | Drip | Aeropress | Espresso

- Espresso mastery - we get behind the commercial coffee bar and use all the fancy toys to explore the details needed to control this notoriously inconsistent process

- Choose your own topic - we are brave, we'll try to accommodate other specific interests that you may have

You'll take a useful set of printed course notes home so you won't forget the key details.


- Each session is nominally 1.5 hours duration, located at rear building, 60 Lymington Rd, Cygnet TAS 7112

- Typical time-slots on offer are 11:30 and 13:30 Saturday, however other options are available upon request

- After you purchase the voucher, we'll be in touch via e-mail to discuss suitable times and dates with you

- Fine print: valid for 12 months after purchase date


We recommend using your own grinder to grind coffee fresh, just prior to use. However we'll happily grind your coffee to suit your needs. These are our recommendations.

Fine: domestic & travel espresso machines, aeropress (fast brew methods).

Coarse: French Press (plunger), Italian stovetop (Moka Express), drip filter (manual and automatic), Aeropress (slow brew methods).

$ 90.00 
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