ECM Classika PID
ECM Classika PID

ECM Classika PID

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The ultimate machine for black coffee fanatics. Single Boiler System with Vibration Pump



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The ultimate machine for black coffee fanatics. Single Boiler System with Vibration Pump

The Classika PID is your entry into the world of the revered E61 brew group coupled to a single 750mL Stainless Steel boiler and PID control. That means you have the ultimate in thermal stability and control to optimise your espresso extractions to the point of perfection. The large boiler provides ample steam, so it's a great option for small families or workgroups serving about 4 at a time or it'll look after unlimited black coffees if that's your preference.

Architecture: : Single Boiler
Simultaneous Brew & Steam : No
Approx. Heatup Time [minutes] : 20
Boiler(s) Size [litres] : 0.75
Heater Element Power [watts] : 1000
Boiler Material : Stainless Steel
Pump Type : Vibrational
PID (adj. temperature) : Yes
Adjustable Brew Pressure : Yes
Boiler Auto-fill : No
Group Head Design : E61
Group Head Diameter [mm] : Commercial 58
Water Supply : Tank
Water Tank Volume [litre] : 2.8
Number of portafilters supplied : 1
Number of filter baskets supplied (single, double) : 2
Number of steam tips supplied : 1
Number of holes in steam tip : 2
Size w/o portafilter [mm] WxDxH : 250x445x395
Net Weight [kg] : 18.5


We recommend using your own grinder to grind coffee fresh, just prior to use. However we'll happily grind your coffee to suit your needs. These are our recommendations.

Fine: domestic & travel espresso machines, aeropress (fast brew methods).

Coarse: French Press (plunger), Italian stovetop (Moka Express), drip filter (manual and automatic), Aeropress (slow brew methods).

$ 2,230.00 
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